Welcome to Pixel Cuties, the pixel dollz webring! This is a webring for everyone who loves and/or makes dollz. You can browser the webring either by using the naviagtion buttons in the examples below, or by clicking the Members link in the menu. Want to join? Click Join in the menu!

What Are Dollz?

Dollz are pixelated images of people that are made using bases, blank bodies and faces that are distributed by the artist. They began as customizable avatars in the online chatroom The Doll Palace in the early 2000's. Eventually, The Doll Palace closed and dollz stopped being as popular, but with the revival of the old web, they're now experiencing renewed interest. If you'd like a more in-depth history of the hobby, Dollz Mania has an excellent overview here.


12/13/2023 - UPDATE: Stuff has been fixed! But please visit the new members anyway :)

I'm currently having some issues with the redirect scripts in the widget, which I'm working on. In the meantime, please visit our newest members, Kandeez and Lovesick!

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